Animation for the introduction of a new department

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Takeaway COM Full Colour Logo Horizontal RGB is the world's largest food ordering site (outside China), since its acquisition in the USA. connects consumers and restaurants in ten different European countries by its online platform.

To increase the visibility of the brand, started offering merchandise products. In order to steer this in the right direction and to strengthen their market position, the 'Partner Services' department was introduced.

De vraag wants to explain internally why this department was created and what its added value is. To Doop the task to clarify this in an enlightening animation.

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De oplossing

First of all, an appropriate illustration style has been designed for the animation. In collaboration with a script has been written in which all information has been processed. This scripted is translated into a visual storyboard, after which the animation could begin!

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Het resultaat

The Partner Services department has come to life! The illustration style, the music and sound effects all come together in a clear explanation video! The animation was shown for the first time during the annual company trip. What a smashing kick-off!

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Dennis Morshuis

Dennis Morshuis

Strategy Manager +31 (0)6 55 88 24 77
Danielle Fokke

Danielle Fokke

Account manager +31 (0)6 13 49 12 01

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