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Doop does wonders for your brand. Using a smart mix of technology and creativity, we redefine it.

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Whatever we come up with: we want it to work! We work together and trust each other. Because we both want to do things that make us feel good. Make a difference by developing an Android application that is right in every detail. From your own responsibility and expertise, and by working together.

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"We dare to put creatives and technicians together in a room."

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We hate pigeon holes. We eat cubicles for breakfast. We don’t like to view our departments as separate offices that hand projects down to the next one as soon as they’ve done their bit. We’re not afraid to put creatives and engineers in one room. To mix red with blue. To have left brainers sit next to right brainers.

Even better: we’ve already done it.

And the results are great, thank you very much. Because we don’t care about what makes us different from each other. We care about what unites us. And that’s our firm belief in the combination of creativity and engineering. Technology empowering and boosting creativity and the other way around.

Doop makes short work of that annoying myth about engineers not being creative and creatives not understanding one bit about technology. Put them together early on in a project, give them a common goal and watch some serious magic happen.

Magic that fuels projects, services, sites and experiences that are better and stronger than the sum of all parts. Because those parts don’t just add up; they work together.

Leave it to the creative digital heroes.

This is us. This is Doop.

Doop Groeit 2x

Doop is growing!

Eigen Initiatieven 2x

Doop values ​​its own initiatives

Teamuitjes 2x

The best company trips!

Snacken op donderdag

Snacks on Thursday

Macbook van de zaak 2x

We arrange your devices

Jong team doopculture

At Doop you work within a young and energetic team

Inspirerende werkomgeving doopculture

Our location, full of knowledge and inspiration, triggers your creativity

Companymeeting 2x

Once a quarter we look back on the results achieved together

Award winning 2x

At Doop you work on award-winning cases

Sfeer doopculture min

With us you will find a good balance between hard work and fun

Companylunch doopculture min

Every day we have a cozy, but especially tasty, company lunch!

Casual kleding doopculture min

No suits, ties or heels at Doop. Just casual clothes that you enjoy working on!

Jouw werk wordt gezien doopculture min

At Doop, your work is seen and appreciated

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On Friday it is time for Knaks!

Doop DNA

At Doop we believe in the brand promise of "staying successful together". We act on the basis of our DNA values: goal-oriented, committed, professional, rebellious and creative. Do you share these values with us? Add Some Doop!

What's the deal with that logo?

Nice of you to ask. Our logo consists of two "O"s merging together. The first "O" stands for creativity, the second for technology. Because they interlock, they are stronger than two separate elements. Like Tom and Jerry, Laurel and Hardy, Bonny and Clyde. Anyway; you get the idea. And that in turn fits brilliantly with our philosophy of disciplines working together, with a result that is stronger than the sum of its parts. So the circle is complete again. Just like an "O". No coincidence.


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The one-stop-company for successful businesses

All the strategy, creatives, branding, development and services to make the most of your data.
We help you do business as only you can do it. Drop by for a unique blend of creativity and technology. Save yourself the time if you’re looking for standard solutions devoid of added value.

More info? Pick a creative digital hero below and reach out to us.

Marcel Roorda web1

Marcel Roorda

Managing Director +31 (0)6 53 28 54 85 m.roorda@wearedoop.com
Olaf de Rijter web

Olaf de Rijter

Operationeel Directeur +31(0)6 80 10 11 28 o.derijter@wearedoop.com

Natascha Meulmeester

Project Manager +31 6 12 06 90 49 n.meulmeester@wearedoop.com
Leonie web

Leonie Koenders

Digital Project Manager +31(0)6 38 33 18 53 l.koenders@wearedoop.com
Nienke Jansen web

Nienke Jansen

Office Manager Zwolle +31 (0)6 15 63 38 55 n.jansen@wearedoop.com
Summer 01 web1


Security Director +31 (0)85 760 50 85 security@wearedoop.com

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