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Ensuring impact together, that is what Sprekerhuys stands for. They represent over 300 speakers and link chairmen to business events in a personal and proactive way. Also they think along about concept, communication and the content strategy. The goal: a distinctive event with unique content.

The case

Sprekershuys wants to bring all these qualities into a new site. Where visitors experience their enormous range of speakers, see their added value and feel the personal touch. This new site is meant to create an attractive first step in the customer journey. Besides this, Sprekershuys want to be able to add content themselves to keep it dynamic.

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The solution

The impellent of Sprekershuys is telling inspiring and motivating stories. To convey this power, a platform has been developed. In order to ensure that the best match will be founded, it is important to guide the visitor organically through the customer journey. A fast and well-functioning search function has a positive influence on conversion. That is why a search function has been added with various filters and relevant content.

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The result

An extensive site that does not overwhelm, but feels personal. A central place that offers more and more relevant information in a natural way. Such as interviews, blogs, content from partners and Huysgenoten. The visitor goes through the customer journey organically and has control over the process. The end result is a clear overview of the possibilities.

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“We like a personal approach. That certainly came back in the collaboration. What we wanted to see was valued. It has really been a matter of give and take. ”

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Crijn Janssen

Connector & partner

More information? You know where to find us.

Danielle Fokke

Danielle Fokke

Account manager +31 (0)6 13 49 12 01
Daan Gönning

Daan Gönning

Operations Director +31 (0)6 31 00 31 27

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