This is how you make an insulin pump distinctive

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Kaleido is a new innovation in healthcare. An insulin pump that can be completely assembled by yourself. Specially designed to help people with diabetes and take matters into their own hands. Kaleido stands for freedom, fun and individuality.

The case

Kaleido strives for a User Interface that is easy and quick to understand, both on the handset and on the website. A website that perfectly conveys the brand experience. Because a high-quality product requires a high-quality website.

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The solution

Visual identity is indispensable to convey the Kaleido brand experience. A lively and playful design has been created with great attention to color and dynamism. By using a simple navigation structure and concise content blocks, the user is easily introduced to Kaleido.

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The result

A powerful site that clearly conveys everything that Kaleido stands for. Lots of color, dynamic in shapes, simple and concise. With one click the user has access to all in's & out's of Kaleido. Who still thinks that an insulin pump is only technical and complex?

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“We have had a lot of positive reactions to our website so far, from both clients and healthcare organizations. Thank you again for all your hard work! ”

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Anna Lindner

Creative Design Manager Kaleido

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Dennis Morshuis

Strategy Manager +31 (0)6 55 88 24 77
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Danielle Fokke

Account manager +31 (0)6 13 49 12 01

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