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Carlton Hotel Collection is not a brand, but rather a collection of exceptional hotels. The 10 hotels spread across the Netherlands, Belgium and England are also called "our ten local heroes". Each location has its own character, inspired by the culture or history of the city in which the hotel is located. We believe in the power of being local!

The case

Carlton Hotel Collection wants to combine these unique characters in a brochure that clearly shows their distinctive character, uniqueness and locations.

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The solution

First of all, the design. On the front, "Collection" is clearly identified by using a collection of different letters. The design is different for each hotel and all locations have their own spread. Beautiful photography, quotes and clear content have contributed to an appropriate overall. The luxury and uniqueness has also been continued in a soft touch finish and glossy letters.

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The result

An appealing brochure, which reflects the uniqueness of the hotel collection. A practical size on the go that is easy to carry for customers and sellers. The brochure has also been digitized so that everyone can admire it.

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“Happy with our new hotel guide and with that the presentation of our very diverse hotel collection. Where we deal with this issue; a "one-size-fits-all", saw a few more challenges, the Doop team has hit the right note. In addition to the beautiful artistic cover, each hotel spread shows its own character through text, photography and unique elements. The overall process went smoothly and smoothly! ”

Judith Ostermann

Carlton Hotel Collection

More information? You know where to find us.

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Danielle Fokke

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Dennis Morshuis

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