The heroes of construction as creators of the future

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Construction university

Digitization is putting the construction industry to the test. Therefore, Building Heroes' mediators and trainers developed 'Construction University': a training program to show that there are enough challenges in terms of creativity and sustainability within construction and infrastructure. Building Heroes embodies a new zeitgeist and created a brand new sound within the construction sector.

The case

As the creators of the future, the heroes of construction are in fact the foundation of our society. However, the changes are moving fast and the criteria for meeting sustainability, ease of maintenance, quality and innovation are increasing. As a result, there is a shortage of both construction employees and HBO and WO people. So more than ever, there is a need for young talent who is prepared for the challenges of tomorrow's world.

Time for change! Time to claim success and show that this sector can also be appealing and dynamic. Our task is to realize the starting point: a brand new website.

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The solution

With this in mind, we started working on the website. With the digital natives as the target group in mind. Young talents with a razor-sharp view of digital innovation and a boundless desire to make a mark on the world and make a positive impact on the environment. But how do you reach those who grew up in a world where everything is always online?

The answer? With guts but also attention to talent and inner wisdom. That is why we opted for a dynamic and distinct design, combined with informative texts.

The result

A good start is half the work. With the fullscreen header video, the tone and atmosphere are set, which makes you "forced" to look further. A warm welcome that tastes like more. With distinct contrasts in typography and real stories from the people they preceded. This ensures that high potentials are interested, but also feel taken seriously.

An appropriate appearance, young in character and the feeling that you are traveling through the traineeship by the website. With an inspiring positioning and ditto website with which we map the story of Construction University exactly.

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Dennis Morshuis

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Danielle Fokke

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