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Zehnder Group Nederland is intensively and successfully engaged in solutions for the indoor climate. They are the head of the market in ventilation with heat recovery. The quality of the indoor air and the comfort for people in their living and working environment are central to this. This with the aim of achieving a healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient indoor climate.

The case

The air in buildings is often full of pollutants, which reduce comfort and can cause health problems in an unventilated room. The Zehnder ComfoAir Q controls the supply and exhaust of air and can reduce these complaints. To promote user-friendliness, Zehnder looked for a solution to control the systems remotely. Both the end user and the professional installer must be able to communicate with the systems by means of an app.

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The solution

In the process of deploying the app, a backend has been developed which is used as a cloud solution. This solution allows Zehnder to centrally register operational information about the deployment of the Zehnder ComfoAir, and to use it in the future as input for new products or product improvement.

In the end, we developed a native app that communicates via the CANbus interface of the ComfoAir. This has resulted in a solution in which the control and information of the Zehnder ComfoAir can be viewed and used (changed) at the same time by different interfaces.

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The result

Full connectivity for Zehnder ComfoAir and the ability to control the devices remotely or on site. With cost reduction as a result. In addition, the service of the cloud solution is always accessible and data is stored securely.

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“From the beginning of the digitization of our products, Doop thought along with us and even further. In addition to the beautiful app and what lies behind it, we appreciate Doop's special role in developing innovations for our customers. ”

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Peter-Maarten Bijkerk

Zehnder Group International

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